What I spent my weekend doing.

What I spent my weekend doing.

Truer words were never spoken.

The 30 best things on Netflix

Now with added Whedon! Stuff’s newly updated list of the best telly, films and documentaries on Netflix.


Skyfall | 2012 | dir. Sam Mendes

A teaser for Lucid Dreams of Gabriel – a Disney Research short designed to show off new camera tech and post-production techniques. Interesting stuff.

Six short films to watch in your lunch break

Here’s a thing I wrote a while back: six short films that should eat up your lunch hour nicely.


 Héroïnes dans l’espace.

The Fifth Element, Barbarella

Tim Burton’s very strange adaptation of Hansel & Gretel, with an all-Japanese cast. Evidently surprised at what Burton came up with, The Disney Channel aired it once in 1982 and then left it in a drawer for 30 years.